A Solution Like No Other

Our clients tell us Whitebirch allows them to do things they did not think could be done. They use the models built in Whitebirch to analyze alternative future outcomes and drive strategic decisions. Their businesses are complex and they rely on Whitebirch to give them answers they can trust so they can act with confidence.

There isn’t a financial modeling problem that Whitebirch cannot solve.


Customizable Modeling Platform [for Professional Only]

Whitebirch is not a one-size-fits-all software in which each user is forced to accept and use projection logic and reports that were developed beforehand. Instead, Whitebirch is a modeling platform (a customizable modeling engine, if you will) that permits users to design and built the projection logic and reports that best fit their particular business model, reporting requirements, and use cases.


Whitebirch is built on a foundation of manageability, auditability, and transparency.

Whitebirch is easy to build, manage, audit and validate. All of these attributes are born of our object-oriented architecture, which permits users to design, build, manage, validate, and even change the projection logic of model elements in a single location. Once built, the validated logic may then be shared by other objects; that is, the objects on which the projections are based inherent the logic of the parent object. When building or changing logic, users need not change every element of the model, just the parent objects. This concept of inheritance is central to Whitebirch’s value.


Manageable Auditable Transparent
Object-oriented architecture allows users to make changes to parent objects, whether to assumptions or formulas, and propagate those changes seamlessly throughout all relevant elements of the model (and the resultant projections), thereby enhancing efficiency and manageability. Object –oriented architecture promotes auditability. Instead of checking the logic and relationships among thousands of spreadsheet cells across hundreds of rows and multiple sheets, logic can be validated at an object level. This higher-order modeling ability minimizes risk and drives efficiency. Object-oriented architecture enhances the ability of users to understand model logic. Instead of tracing precedent and dependent relationships from cell to cell and sheet to sheet, users instead have drill-down access to detailed explanations of any resultant. This level of transparency allows Whitebirch financial models to meet today’s accountability standards.


Integrated Presentation Modality

Besides offering a customizable modeling engine, Whitebirch features a customizable presentation modality. Users can design and build decks, comprising as many slides as needed, to drive and present results. These decks are interactive with the underlying model. Updates to assumptions, variables, initiatives, and projects immediately and organically update the user-defined reports and graphs on the decks. Additionally, changes in assumptions and variables, and even wholesale insertion of portfolios of assumptions (like those attendant to a capital project or acquisition) can be driven into the model from the decks, with the updated results immediately flowing back to the decks. In this way, users might develop dashboards, prospective budgets, financial reports, Board reports, rating agency presentations, or any other output needed (whether tabular or graphic). Some decks might only report results, while others might permit user interaction with assumptions, variables, and projects. Furthermore, institutions can grant differential access to the reports. One group of stakeholders might have access to all the decks, while others might be limited to a subset of the results or drivers.


Integrated Financials

Whitebirch is the only financial modeling solution that fully automates the development of integrated financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement, even tracking net assets where appropriate. Periodicity can be dynamic, meaning monthly and/or quarterly statements may seamlessly roll-up into annual or semiannual statements.



Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Whitebirch allows users to model in consideration of any number of dimensions, allowing users to pivot reports and conduct comparative analysis. Dimensions might include business unit, location, product, restriction, or fund, among others. Dimensions can be created and modified by the analyst user, without IT involvement.



Multi-User Environment

Collaboration is essential for building consensus and making smarter business decisions. Whitebirch allows multiple users real-time access to the planning process. Whitebirch offers the ability for multiple users to access, use, and change the model at the same time. For changes in the modeling engine, a change log is provided to track changes to the underlying model, in its totality, by object, or even line item. (Such access can be limited to preferred users.) At the same time, the presentation decks can be accessed and used by as many users as needed…at the same time. Users can change variables/assumptions/projects and see new results, even while other users are differently changing assumptions and seeing different results, without influencing or even seeing the other. In this way, Whitebirch becomes a fantastic decision-making tool. Multiple users can concomitantly conduct their own analysis without touching the underlying modeling engine. Multiple users can work simultaneously in the same model at the same time.


Unique Scenario Management Capabilities

Whitebirch offers a revolutionary (and patented) functionality that allows users to simultaneously consider essentially unlimited numbers of scenarios…..all within the same model. Alternative sets of assumptions, formulas, projects, and data reside in different layers, which then maybe folded into (or on top of) the projection to produce infinite analytical possibilities. This innovative approach eliminates the need to create and maintain multiple versions of the model.



Automated Data Loading

While Whitebirch is designed to allow users to make better future decisions, some historical data is typically loaded into the model to provide a historical basis for the projection and to inform assumptions. Whitebirch provides functionality that allows for the efficient import of any data set(s).


Better Calculation Engine

Besides being fundamentally architected to permit object-oriented modeling, Whitebirch also offers a menu of features that enhance your modeling capabilities. These include: a complete suite of financial functions, functionality to allow for converging iterative functions, and a Monte Carlo engine, among others.