Markets Served


Corporations rely on Whitebirch for financial models, analyses, and reporting they can trust – so they can act with confidence.

There is a new era of accountability in publicly-traded companies. Regulatory risk and compliance requirements are high; consequently, all stakeholders must ensure the financials are correct.

Whitebirch gives corporations total control over their financial models. Whitebirch is designed with financial objects that are integrated, rather than thousands of individual cells. This means the number of formulas required, and the time and effort to check and control them, is reduced by a factor greater than 1,000. Detailed audit trails combined with formula maps that trace the calculation stack, provide the optimal oversight capabilities.


Corporate Use Case Examples
  • Cash Statement Modeling
  • Capital Asset Structures
  • Cash Sweeps
  • Consolidations
  • Project Finance / Cash Waterfalls
  • Capital Projects
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures
  • Cash Flows
  • Loan Portfolios
  • Deferred Revenue
  • Expense Allocations
  • PIK Interest Modeling
  • VAT Modeling
  • Cost & Profitability
  • Employee Benefits
  • Currency Conversions

Higher Education

Many higher education institutions face an uncertain future, making the need for accurate financial models a mission critical initiative. They seek answers to important questions:

  • • What is the cash impact of adding a new dormitory or science lab?
  • • If project timing changes, what are the effects? If delayed, can operations fund the project?
  • • What are the results of varying the bond amount?Cash Sweeps
  • • What is the impact on cash from changing the bond issue date and/or payoff date?

Whitebirch has an outstanding reputation in Higher Education. Our team of modelers has been working in this space for many years and we understand the intricacies of Higher Education financial modeling at a visceral level.


Higher Education Use Case Examples
  • Capital Projects
  • Operating Initiatives
  • Appropriations
  • Gift / Gift Campaigns
  • Endowment
  • Student Enrollment
  • Tuition
  • Financial Aid
  • Cost Allocation
  • Credit Rating Presentations
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Headcount / Staffing / Employee Benefits


Designed for the business officer and decision-making stakeholders in municipalities, Whitebirch provides governments with the necessary tools to develop multi-year plans. The user-friendly platform makes forecasting easy to understand, and simplifies managing the complex relationships of key variables.

  • • Analyze, review, and drill down into historical data to understand current fiscal drivers
  • • Contemplate what-ifs that have the potential to materially impact operating performance in the future
  • • Develop strategic initiatives to grow revenues, reduce costs, meet policy objectives, and address what-ifs
  • Share the results with key stakeholders, utilizing built-in state-of-the-art visuals
Municipalities Use Case Examples
  • Retirement / Pension Liabilities
  • Rating Procurement
  • Credit Management / Scorecards
  • Capital Funding Evaluation
  • Operating Initiatives
  • Labor negotiation / Interest Arbitration
  • Multi year planning with stakeholders
  • Monte Carlo Engine / Time Series Analysis
  • Pivoting Financial Statements
  • Debt & Capital Plan
  • Industry Best Practices (Rating Agencies & GFOA)


Utilities must balance consent decree requirements, capital-intensive infrastructures and the delivery of services to their customers. These complex business environments are in need of the sophisticated financial modeling and planning capabilities that Whitebirch provides.

Key stakeholders rely on Whitebirch to help answer critical questions:

  • • What is the impact of rate increases?
  • • How do we remain in good standing with bondholders?
  • • What are the best options for managing cash?
  • • How can we maximize our spending on capital initiatives?
Utilities Use Case Examples
  • Debt Service Coverage
  • Rate Increase Analysis
  • Consent Decree Compliance
  • Capital Spending
  • Cash Balance Calculations / Cash on Hand
  • Multi-year planning with stakeholders
  • Monte Carlo Engine / Time Series Analysis
  • Operating Initiatives